Nonprofit 501 c 3 organization that promotes social justice and helps to strength democracy and human rights in Latin American countries.

empowering voiceless voices

Since 2006, Justice Consortium / Consorcio Justicia Inc programs have been providing support to raise living standards, improve governance, promote social and sustainable development, improve education, help in conflict resolution, institutional and justice reform, strengthen democracy worldwide, promote human rights and environmental justice, improve quality of life of Latino communities in the US and in Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as promotes and enhances the good relations between the US and Latin American and Caribbean countries.


Exposing human rights violations in Cuba, as well as promoting democracy and human rights. Actively empowering Cuban artist community.


Promoting human and labor rights, as well as empowering youth movements, vulnerable groups, artists, and social movements


Working with the diaspora and social movements in country

Latin America and the Caribbean

The activities of Consortium include activities to support organizations in the US and Latin America that work for the social sustainable development, democracy, human rights, education and judicial reform. We dedicate a good effort in our area of promoting good governance.


Improving public policy is not enough to reduce historical discrimination and barriers to integration. A complete set of strategies must be in place to promote diversity, understanding and integration

Nonprofit/NGO Management

In partnership with universities and research centers, our goal is to empower new leaderships in the nonprofit/NGO sector, as well as support better nonprofit management capabilities, project development & management, accountability, and compliance.

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